To Chop or not to Chop?

by Isabella on December 13, 2011

So today, aside from dropping off the 10% deposit on our newly purchased house at the attorney’s (that story will be detailed later somewhere), hanging out with my mom, having funny discussions with my 11 year old brother, and napping,  I also decided that perhaps it would be a great idea to finally get a hair cut.

I’ve long heard that pregnant women shouldn’t get new hairstyles….and always wondered why such a strict recommendation has been implemented.  I guess people assume that a woman who is going through “all those hormonal changes” will just fall apart at the sight of a potentially unsatisfactory haircut.

Despite recommendations to not do it, I decided to take a leap….and completely change my look.  Over the past 30 weeks, my boobs grew, my butt has reached enormous proportions, my face is rounder and my belly is fabulously tight, if I can handle these changes, I think I can deal with some cute bangs :)

Of course, being the “won’t do anything without finding a review” girl that I am, I went ahead and searched for reviews for a local salon next to my mom’s (where I spent the majority of my day off lazying around).  Found this great lady, and called her at 3 pm…she didn’t have anything available until 6, so I napped, ate, chit chatted with my baby brother, and napped some more (Tuesdays are the best!).  Finally at 6 pm sharp, I drove myself and my brother (needed a male opinion) to the hair salon, where I was greeted by the lovely owner.  After a shampoo, conditioning and a rinse….I was ready for my long awaited hair adventure.  I decided that since I’ve never had bangs before, this would be a great time to get that look.  After all, who is going to tell a pregnant woman that she looks bad, no one would dare…ha ha…so it’s a win win situation!

After an hour on the chair, and finding out that the hair stylist’s husband actually works with the mortgage broker we used to purchase our house, I was all done, and according to my brother, looking all “thumbs up”, which in 11 year old speak is a compliment :)

I looked at myself in the mirror and surprisingly (as I am very picky about most everything), I thought I looked quite cute with my new layers and bangs.  So I’ve concluded that all those myths about hair cuts and pregnancy should be ignored and that the pregnant women of the world should go and pamper themselves and experiment with styles.  After all, the 40 weeks of pregnancy are a constant evolution of changes.  Changing how you eat, what you wear, how you walk and how you breathe, why not embrace the changes and add your own twist to it…worst comes to worst….people will still tell you look awesome….no one wants to upset a “hormonal pregnant woman” ;)


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