Saving Hope is Hopeless!!

by Isabella on June 21, 2012

So since summer is here I usually look forward to watching some new pilot show in hopes that I can distract my brain from its tiredness with an hour of TV a day.  Every week night I have a dedicated show that I watch, but didn’t have anything to watch on Thursdays.

So last Thursday, or maybe the Thursday before that, I decided to watch Saving Hope.  It’s a new show  based inside of a hospital mostly (god knows I love my medical shows), where the chief surgeon gets into a car accident on the way to his own wedding.  Consequently, he ends up stuck in the “in-between” of life and death while laying at the hospital in a coma, observing everyone from above.  All the meanwhile, his fiancee, who is the chief resident of surgery, is holding on to hope that he will get out of the coma, while working side by side with her ex-boyfriend, who also happens to be a hot surgeon.

Well, I gave it a try once and almost passed out of boredom, so as I suffer from really bad insomnia. . . I decided to try it again and it see if it was as torturous as I remembered it being….and YES it WAS!  This has to be the MOST boring show not only on American TV, but on the whole entire planet, and perhaps the universe.  I can hear human and alien brain cells slowly dying!  Although it may be an untapped resource to cure insomniacs everywhere!

The concept is perhaps something that could have been interesting, if the writing wasn’t so awful and the acting wasn’t so robotical.  The characters have no personality, the camera work is just plain awful…I mean…what did they do…put oil on the lenses to make the whole entire hospital shine with a bright light…it’s very distracting.  And not only that, the dialogue is boring and forced…it feels like you’re stuck in an elevator, but without the nice elevator music!

I have never had this kind of reaction to a show before, usually I am a patient viewer, giving things the benefit of the doubt…but really NBC? This is the best you could come up with?! Shame on you!  Please cancel it now and spare Earth and Alien civilizations from getting stuck in the “in-between” with a guy in a tuxedo due to a slow and agonizing death from a brain meltdown!

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