Happy Birthday Love Letter to Eitan

by Isabella on February 16, 2014

My Dearest Eitanchik,

omorrow is your 2nd birthday, and here I am writing you this letter.  You know your shapes, colors, counting till 20, and even know the alphabets of two different languages, but still, you won’t be able to read this until much later.  When you do though, I know it will embarrass you, but I hope that it also warms your heart, and makes you feel loved, which you are and always will be, unconditionally.

I just wanted you to know that the past 2 years (plus 9 months of hosting you) have been the most beautiful of my life. I need you to know that two years ago, when I first heard your cries, and laid my eyes on your full head of hair and wrinkly face, it was love at first sight, and a moment I will never forget.  It is the moment that I truly learned what unconditional love is.

I want you to know that even though motherhood entails long hours, sleepless nights and a foggy brain, when I wake up every morning I still pinch myself.  You’ve been in my life for 2 whole years, and still I cannot believe that you are mine, and that I am so lucky to have been chosen to be YOUR mama.  Hearing your tiny voice yell “mama mama, papa papa” from the other room is music to my ears, and a dream I never want to wake up from.

I want you to know that every day when I walk through the door after a long day at work, there’s nothing that I love more than your tiny feet running at me, your arms spread wide open for a tight embrace.  At that moment, none of the day’s worries or tribulations seem significant, because I have you, and that’s the only thing that matters.

I want you to know that when I lay you to sleep at night, looking into those sparkly eyes that are a replica of your father’s, that wide grin that is just like my mother’s, that dimple on your left cheek that you got from me and that resounding laughter that is all of your own, my heart melts with joy. I cherish those giggles and tickles more than you’ll ever know.

I want you to know that every night, even after you are sound asleep, papa and I laugh at the countless hilarious moments and all your funny quirks.

We laugh at how you hide behind the couch to poop in privacy, yelling “go away”, only to then be done and run around the house exclaiming “I poop, I poop”.

How you chew a gummy bear and then smear the gummy mess all over your hair, and then yell “gummy bear head, gummy bear head”

How you find it very fun to say “I spin” to then spin about 15 times in a circle nonstop until you get dizzy and break out in laughter and then proceed to stumble around like a drunk little man.

And our most favorite, how when you get an Oreo cookie, you suddenly break out into your “mad scientist” laughter because you thought you were getting one cookie, but instead you got two cookies AND cream and you feel like you’ve cheated the system :)

I want you to know that papa and I know that every one of those cherished moments are fleeting.  Each day I try to commit every sweet and silly thing you do to memory, but every day there’s something new and adorable.  Countless things that make me fall in love with you over and over again.

Lastly, I want you to know that I am thankful for every step and journey I have taken in this life because all my travels have led me to being a mommy, yours.  You are, my little boy, what makes my world go round. You are the reason my heart beats. You fill my life and heart with more light and love than I ever thought possible.  Tomorrow is your birthday, and you will get lots of gifts, but always know that YOU are the grandest gift of my life and I will love you until my heart stops beating and long thereafter.

Happy 2nd Birthday my most precious being.  May you continue to be the happy, loving, smart and definitely willful person you are, until 120!  May all your dreams come true, always.

I love you endlessly,




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