A Happy Birthday Love Letter to My Nina

by Isabella on November 17, 2017

To my sweetest Nina, Happy 3rd birthday my adorable little girl!

3 years ago, with 3 hours of labor, a 30 minute to spare arrival at the hospital and 3 contractions later, you blazed into this world.  It was a dramatic arrival, fit for a trailblazing girl like you :)

I fell in love with you from the moment you arrived on this earth, and even long before that.  When they placed you in my arms, all I could see are those beautiful eyes of yours, staring back at me. You looked at me, into my soul, as if you’ve known me forever. That day and every day since, you’ve continued to look at the world with the same wonder.

There are countless things I love about you.  Like any mother, I think you are beautiful. I love your huge hazel eyes, I love how they sparkle when you laugh. I love your adorable smile.  I love your auburn tinted hair and how it sparkles with red tones in the sunshine, and I love how it curls in the humidity, just like my hair does!

I love how smart and independent you are.  From the beginning, you’ve always had an “I can do” attitude. Whether you were learning to crawl, stand, eat, walk. No task was too hard.  As you’ve gotten older, you’ve gotten more and more self reliant. You dress yourself and say “I don’t need help, I can do it”. When a toy is lost under the bed, you don’t despair, you get a broom and fish it out of there and say “I got it out Mama, all by myself”.  You see a problem and you solve it, and you don’t ever give up, and I love that about you.

We named you Nina Yosefa for two people we truly deeply love. Your great grandma Nina and your Grandpa Yossi.  In your name, we wanted to commemorate their spirits. They were both amazing people, strong, resilient and intelligent. But most importantly, despite both of them having had difficult lives, they were both immensely kind to everyone around them. Both of them believed strongly in helping others less fortunate and in the concept of charity.  You my beautiful girl, with your beautiful soul, are a perfect representation of them.  You are one of the kindest souls I know. Whether it is when you see a child at the park crying, and giving them a hug. Or comforting your brother when he’s sad. Cheering on people in their successes and always sharing what you have before even taking anything for yourself.  You are warm, full of hugs, full of joy and mostly full of love!

Even with all those amazing attributes to your personalty, your most endearing quality is thankfulness.  You have always and continue to go through the world with an innocence and a sense of thanks that amazes me. Simple things bring you joy.  A beautiful new shirt, a lollipop you weren’t expecting, a new book from the library or a 50 cent doggy hair clip from the thrift store. All those things elicit my favorite response in the world – clasped hands, a little jump in the air and a “THANK YOU SO MUCH MAMA, THIS IS BEAUTIFUL, I LOVE IT!” followed by some kind of cute twirl :)  You don’t take the world for granted, you find joy in the little things, and you always, always have a smile on your face.

I hope on this birthday, and for every birthday to come, that you continue in this life on a path full of love, kindness, charity, and thankfulness.  May you continue to grow healthy, smart and happy.  May you tackle all the problems life will throw your way with an “I can do attitude” and always remember that you are amazing, funny, beautiful and endlessly loved!

Happy 3rd Birthday my twirling adorable girl!  I will always love you with every heartbeat and long thereafter!




  • Carolyn Pierre-Outlar

    Beautiful love letter to your daughter!! ❤❤❤

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