About Me

Hello my name is Isabella, and I am a 35 year old mommy of  a boy and a girl.  I currently live in NJ, with my hubby/best friend, Simon.  For the past 11 years, I have been a Family Practice Physician Assistant, a job which I love on most days, and that drives me to the brink insanity on occasion too.

The idea of writing this blog was actually Simon’s.  He has watched me read different mommy blogs during my first pregnancy and felt that perhaps I should start writing my own adventures, and sharing them with the world.  So after some bribery with promises of different yummy foods for every post (which is all it took to convince my then pregnant self to do pretty much anything)….. I took the first step to sharing my tale with you. I hope you join me on this journey and lets hope for a fun and entertaining ride!


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